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New ‘Seed And Feed’ Sports Pitch Renovation Package

Germinal Amenity has launched an all-in-one seed and fertiliser sports pitch renovation package.  Containing two key elements – Germinal’s A20 Premier Ryesport seed mixture plus an appropriate selection of fertiliser products – A20 Seed & Feed gives groundsmen everything they need to renovate their pitches and to create a sustainable playing surface within six weeks of seeding.


The seed element of the A20 Seed & Feed package provides a combination of four top-performing species of perennial ryegrasses.  Together, these four cultivars create a dense sward with excellent fineness of leaf, a good cleanness of cut and which is exceptionally easy to mow into stripes.  The seed mixture – Germinal’s standard A20 Premier Ryesport mixture – also offers good levels of disease resistance and fantastic post-winter recovery.  The standard seed mixture can also be customised, allowing groundsmen to create their own bespoke specification.


For the fertiliser component of the A20 Seed & Feed package, groundsmen are able to select either a soil or sand based nutrient programme.  A third option, for park pitches and local community pitches, is also available.  All three nutrient programmes are F.A.C.T.S. (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) approved and have been designed to enable the new sward to achieve the best possible results in terms of seedling establishment and sward development.  Each package contains a selection of phased release fertilisers and advanced soil conditioners which provide the necessary nutrients and trace elements required during the renovated pitch’s growing-in phase.


“The summer pitch renovation season is one of the busiest periods in any groundsman’s calendar,” explains Joe Hendy, Technical Sales Representative for Germinal.  “It can also be an exceptionally stressful time of year with groundsmen anxiously waiting for the renovated pitch to be ready in time for the start of the new playing season.  With that in mind, we have created an all-in-one seed, fertiliser and nutrient advice package to help ease the pressure.”


By providing a complementary package of seed, fertiliser and F.A.C.T.S. based nutrient advice, A20 Seed & Feed makes it easier and simpler for groundsmen to renovate their pitches and to successfully create a well-established and viable playing surface.


“All too often we speak to groundsmen who simply don’t have the time or resources, or in some cases the correct technical knowledge, to develop their own over-seeding and fertiliser programmes.  By following the simple advice laid out in our new A20 Seed & Feed packages, these groundsmen can be confident that they are using the correct rate of the most suitable products at the optimum time, and that they will be giving their pitch the very best chance of going into the new season in prime condition,” Joe adds.


“All three of the A20 Seed & Feed programmes use the very best phased-release fertilisers and soil conditioners from Compo Expert to ensure that every penny invested in pitch renovation works hard and delivers the required results.”