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Slow release organic fertiliser improves soil and sward health

Germinal has added a 100% organic slow release fertiliser, which promotes soil health and enables grass swards to withstand disease pressure, to its expanding range of specialist amenity grass care products.

G7 Bio Builder is a granulated 5-3-8 NPK fertiliser which also contains 8% CaO and 0.5% Mg.*  It can be used at any time during the growing season but is especially effective when used immediately after fine turf swards on golf greens, golf tees and sports pitches have been renovated or aerated.

The new fertiliser’s 100% organic composition enhances sand-based soil profiles by providing naturally occurring rhizobacteria with a viable and consistent supply of organic material on which to feed.  This in turn stimulates natural biological activity within the rhizosphere and enhances the cation and nutrient exchange capacity of the rootzone, thereby improving the sward’s natural ability to put down healthy new growth and to fight off infection and disease.  Its mini-granular (1-2mm) formulation ensures the fertiliser breaks down quickly and is rapidly dispersed throughout the rootzone for immediate uptake.

“G7 Bio Builder releases a steady and predictable supply of nutrients over a period of 12-16 weeks, during which time it encourages the growth of beneficial microbes within the soil profile.  This subsequently allows improved root development and increases the sward’s resistance to soil borne pathogens,” explains Richard Brown, Germinal Amenity Sales Manager.

“Applying G7 Bio Builder regularly throughout the year, typically from April onwards, provides a controlled and sustainable supply of organic material which enables the soil’s naturally occurring and beneficial rhizobacteria to flourish.  This in turn ensures the sward is in prime condition, enabling it to withstand disease and infection pressures and also to tolerate heat stress.”

G7 Bio Builder is recommended for application at a spreading rate of 70g/m2.


* NPK: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium.  CaO: Calcium oxide.  Mg: Magnesium.