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Fighter Commando: liquid fertiliser combats disease and liberates sward health

Germinal GB has added a high phosphorous foliar fertiliser – which improves plant health and increases disease resistance – to its expanding range of amenity specific fertilisers and sward conditioners.

Fighter Commando is a 0-28-26 NPK* liquid fertiliser containing 28% phosphorous in the form of phosphite (P2O5) and 26% potassium as K2O.  It’s high P and K content stimulates lush, healthy plant growth and can actively help grass swards to withstand disease during periods of increased stress.

“Unlike other forms of phosphorous, phosphite is highly water soluble which means it can quickly be absorbed through the leaves and roots of grass plants,” explains Richard Brown, Amenity Sales Manager for Germinal.  “Once absorbed, Fighter Commando remains extremely mobile and acts systemically to rapidly correct potassium and phosphorous deficiencies, enhance root development and improve the plant’s natural ability to resist diseases.”

As well as improving plant vigour and reducing the sward’s susceptibility to disease, Fighter Commando is also environmentally friendly: “The chemical composition of Fighter Commando prevents it from binding with soil, therefore preventing an excessive build-up of soil phosphorous and eliminating problems associated with ground-water contamination,” Mr Brown adds.  “It is suitable for a range of amenity purposes, from sports pitches, golf courses, tennis courts and bowls greens, to fine lawns, parkland areas and any grassed area where a potential nutrient imbalance could threaten sward health and vitality.”

Fighter Commando is supplied in 10-litre containers and can be tank mixed with most pesticides.  It is recommended for use at an application rate of 5 litres/ha at 3-4 week intervals from March to October.