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Want to know the key ingredient to a successful marketing campaign? Strategy.

Sure, this involves defining your audience and key messages, but it’s much more than that.

A good strategic plan also includes an understanding of the best channels to reach your audience and how to deliver it – while sticking to a budget. This disciplined approach serves as a roadmap to keep your campaign on track and moving forward.

Press relations

Case Studies
Editorial Content
Syndicated Articles
Press Releases
Advice Columns

Our recipe for success is through the subtle approach of promotion through education. This time-tested formula has proven to be an effective way to build client profiles and reputations.

Press relations is not just about press releases. We take your customer success stories or your expert knowledge and turn it into quality content of interest to the agricultural media. This style of farmer-to-farmer communication and educational insight is an effective way to publicise proven benefits about your products and services.

Publications and technical literature

Through a collaborative relationship between synergistic clients and the oversight of independent editors, we publish two publications in-house. From editorial planning, feature writing, photography and layout design – we do it all.

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Graphic design

Need an ad designed? We’ve got you covered. How about a brochure to send out to clients? No problem. With our experienced in-house creative team who know the difference between a Holstein and a Hereford or maize from OSR, we can bring your ideas to life in an effective way to reach your target audience.

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Videography and Photography

From tromping through a muddy field with a camera, writing script, conducting on screen interviews to editing footage, we can transform your message into a visible format.