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UK livestock producers who take the Rumevite survey by Rumenco will be entered in for a chance to win a 3.0m Porta-Yards mobile sheep handling system from Wise Agriculture.

The 10-question survey focuses on beef and sheep supplementation practices during the grazing season.

“As we approach mid-summer and grass begins to change, many producers will be starting to think about their supplementation strategy for the rest of the year to address any shortfalls in forage. We want to hear from farmers directly on what they are doing and what they need so we can continue to provide the tools to support their businesses,” says Amy Wright, product manager for Rumenco.

A feed and mineral block, Rumevite stimulates the rumen to work harder by fueling and supporting the rumen bug population. This results in up to a 10 percent improvement in forage intake and digestion for cattle and sheep. The eight-product range with formulations that include options of high energy, protein, magnesium and fish oil help provide tailored nutrition to individual farming systems.

For a limited time, for every one tonne of Rumevite purchased, farmers will receive three free orange feed block holders. These reusable block holders provide a sustainable feeding system based on one block per 35 head of sheep, using 85 percent less plastic than other feed buckets.

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Manufactured in New Zealand, the 3.0m Porta-Yards have a 250-head capacity. To reduce the number of jumping sheep and protect the legs of working dogs, Porta-Yards have 1.0m high alloy hurdles with solid top sections. The unit also has a hydraulic lift and lower, allowing for quick and easy set-up.

To take the survey and be entered into the competition, visit