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An innovative and highly adaptable solution to covering slurry stores or lagoons of any size is now available in the UK from slurry management specialist Tramspread.

Hexa-Cover®, is comprised of recycled polypropylene segments which float to create a flexible but effective cover. The hexagonal pieces fit together and offer an effective way to significantly reduce emissions and, the company believes, provides a cost-effective solution to future slurry storage requirements.

John Tydeman from Tramspread, explains: “We have been in slurry management for over thirty years. With mounting government and public concern over emissions we are seeing a much higher demand from farmers looking for a quick and cost-effective solution to covering slurry. Hexa-Cover is popular because it doesn’t require planning permission, professional installation or maintenance.”

If proposals in Defra’s Clean Air Strategy are adopted, covering slurry will be a requirement in England from 2027. Following a government pledge in the 2018 Agriculture Bill to reduce emissions, Defra’s proposed Clean Air Strategy includes a new focus on the emissions of ammonia. The website claims “Agriculture is responsible for 88% of UK emissions of ammonia gas which can travel long distances, be damaging to the environment, and combine with other pollutants to form fine Particulate Matter (PM) pollution, which are harmful to human health”.

Covering slurry can be costly because of the size, shape and location of the tank or lagoon. Creating new storage may require planning permission and greater capital outlay. Hexa-Cover, is an innovative and adaptable product that can cover any slurry tank or lagoon and prevents 95% of harmful emissions being released. Made of recycled polypropylene, Hexa-Cover pieces float on top of any liquid, fit together to fill the space, block light out and gas in, whilst also helping to prevent a crust forming. The product is heat, frost and wind proof, with a life expectancy of 25 years.

John adds, “It is an innovative product and we expect to see demand continue to rise as we move closer to the proposed 2027 clean air deadline. We were recently approached by a dairy farmer with a 20m diameter steel slurry tank who had received complaints from local residents about the smell. When looking for a solution he was quoted £40,000 for a canvas cover. Hexa-Cover was £8,000 and has solved the problem.”