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LH Agro has launched a new trade-in scheme to make it more affordable for existing users of Topcon’s precision farming equipment to upgrade to the latest version of its range topping X35 control console.

 The console trade-in scheme, which is being launched at the CropTec Show on 27th-28th November and at the LAMMA show at the NEC on 7th-8th January, gives customers the opportunity to exchange their existing Topcon X30 console for the very latest X35 version and includes the transfer of any activations unlocked in the old console. In addition, customers will also receive the new Topcon CL-10 modem which adds cellular and Wi-Fi capability to the X35.

The X35 is Topcon’s range-topping control console. Featuring a 12.1 inch touch-screen colour display it uses the latest Horizon software to control a wide range of implements including seed drills, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and harvesters, and operations including auto-steering and implement guidance, variable rate applications, flow-meter analysis, implement height and section control, yield mapping and application recording.

The X35 is fully certified for a range of ISOBUS functions (UT, AUX-N, TC-BAS, TC-GEO and TC-SC) which improve the workflow of information between machines, implements and in-cab devices. Its interface is easy-to-use, with icon-based and user-definable screen views making it simple for operators to control the full spectrum of field operations.

The CL-10 modem allows access to the new Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP); a cloud based integrated agronomic management platform. It also provides connectivity for remote support, telematics and the Horizon XTEND feature.

“By upgrading their existing console to an X35 unit, customers are able to access the latest Topcon precision farming functions including Auto Headland Turn and XTEND, and to export guidance lines, yield maps and crop sensing data to the cloud where they can be interrogated in order to maximise returns on inputs,” explains Richard Reed, Managing Director of LH Agro, Topcon’s preferred dealer for Great Britain.

“Upgrading to an X35 also gives users the peace of mind that their precision farming implement control and GPS guidance systems are fully compatible with the latest operating platforms and that their systems are future-proofed and ready to work with any forthcoming technological developments.”

Topcon’s XTEND feature enables operators to use their smartphone or tablet as a wireless extension of their X35 console – either to provide additional screen space, or to control an implement remotely (e.g. when testing a spray boom or calibrating a fertiliser spreader).

The Auto Headland Turn feature enables machines equipped with a Topcon auto-steer system to make fully automated turns at headlands using alternating, in-fill and single direction infill patterns. By assessing machinery geometry and available turning space, this system ensures headland turns are performed accurately and efficiently, thus ensuring the implement being used is precisely positioned for each field pass. This is of particular benefit when working on land where there are no visual references to indicate where to turn and can also help to reduce operator fatigue.

For more information about the X35 or any other Topcon products go to or call 01480 496367.