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BVD awareness case study

Agriculture Public Relations

Project brief

To raise awareness of the problems associated with BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhoea) in UK beef cattle and to encourage farmers to implement an effective disease eradication programme by promoting the use of ‘tagging and testing’ as a means for farmers to understand the disease status of individual animals.

What was the client’s need?

Allflex is a manufacturer of Tissue Sampling Tags (TST): a simple device which takes a small biopsy of tissue as a mandatory identification tag is placed in the animal’s ear.  The tissue sample is then tested to ascertain whether the animal is a carrier of BVD.  In turn, the farmer or farm vet can decide a suitable course of action.

Who was the targeted audience?

  • Beef and dairy farmers in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Livestock veterinary surgeons
  • Trade partners and product distributors

How did you deliver the project to hit the target audience?

  • An array of written content including press releases, advice articles and farm case studies was used to disseminate the campaign’s key messages to the target audiences via specific print and online publications such as Beef Farmer, British Dairying, Wales Farmer and a number of additional regional titles.
  • The written content was also re-purposed via the client’s social media and online channels and also via the client’s electronic newsletters and direct mailers
  • We worked with a number of key influencers and veterinary experts to highlight the potential severity of the impact of BVD and to offer simple, farmer-friendly, accessible advice for how to implement an effective BVD eradication protocol.
  • We also worked with Gwaredu BVD (an industry led programme funded by the Welsh Government Rural Development Programme to eradicate the disease in Wales) and the Wales Federation of Young Farmers to raise the campaign’s profile and to cross-pollinate both parties’ messages with those of the client.