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FiveF Alka Limited has launched a range of bespoke mineral supplements formulated specifically to complement alkalised ruminant rations including Alkagrain or Alkalage.

All the new in-feed Alkaboost minerals contain additional sulphur to help ruminant livestock utilise the excess non protein nitrogen (NPN) produced in the rumen by alkalised diets. The sulphur allows animals to build usable protein from the available nitrogen.

The range includes bespoke formulations for various dairy and beef rations, a mineral specifically for growing lambs and a specialist Alkaboost product that combines the inorganic supplementary elements with a high purity yeast culture and micro-encapsulated plants and spices.

“Alkaboost Lamb also includes increased levels of selenium, vitamin E and additional iron to support immune function, muscle development and rapid growth. This is recommended for lambs being finished on a high cereal content alkalised ration. Feeding rate is 15-20g per head per day,” explains Rob Smith from FiveF Alka.

“Specialist new Alkaboost plus Rummisentials has been shown to be particularly complementary for alkalised diets. The addition of a yeast culture and non-medicated plant spices helps to improve rumen pH regulation and increase propionic acid production, which together boost intake and available energy. The plant spices also help to increase protein availability from the ration.”

The dairy and beef minerals should be fed at the rate of 100-150g per day. Any farmer making alkalised rations is advised to talk to their usual merchant about appropriate supplementation using the Alkaboost minerals. Alternatively call 01200 613118 for further information.