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Prattley sheep handling system for 100-200 sheep now available in the UK.

A new mobile sheep handling system, targeted specifically at small to medium sized flocks or shepherds working alone, is now available from Prattley’s UK distribution partner, Allflex Livestock Intelligence.

The new Prattley P8 Intermediate Mobile Yard comprises an 8ft handling race with a guillotine-style drop-in gate and side drafting gate. In its standard specification the P8 is supplied with eight 7ft by 36inch lightweight alloy gates capable of holding up to 100 sheep. The system’s main race frame and chassis, which is fully hot dip galvanised for durability and a long working life, can also carry an additional eight gates (16 in total), to give an overall holding capacity of up to approximately 200 sheep.

The strong yet lightweight, easy to use system is mounted on ATV (all-terrain vehicle) floatation tyres which provide a useful amount of suspension when travelling across rough ground and is designed to be towed behind an ATV.   Retractable lifting arms enable one person to quickly and easily mount and de-mount the handling race onto and off its wheels, with no winching mechanism required due to the system’s light weight.

“The P8 system is now available to order in the UK,” explains Chris Byrne, Allflex Livestock Intelligence’s stock management systems specialist. “As the smallest mobile sheep handling system in the Prattley range, the P8 is the affordable choice for small to medium sized flocks or in situations where the flock manager is working alone.

“Its strong, yet lightweight construction makes removal and fitting of the transportation wheels easy for one person to do alone. And, with up to 16 gates carried on the chassis’ integrated gate support arms, plus any additional panelled gates which can be placed inside the handling race during transportation, the P8 can easily be towed to hard-to-access locations and erected quickly.”

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