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KUHN Farm Machinery has won an unprecedented ‘treble’ at LAMMA 2020 with silver medals in Future Innovation, Livestock Innovation and Arable Innovation categories of the event awards.

Future Innovation Silver Award: I-SPRAY

Success in the Future Innovation category comes with the silver award for the KUHN I-SPRAY, a development in spot spraying technology that will allow targeted application of herbicides. The result of collaborative work with artificial intelligence company Carbon Bee, the I-SPRAY concept has shown the potential in earlier development work to reduce herbicide use by as much as 80%. I-SPRAY creates the potential to address some significant environmental and weed resistance challenges facing modern arable farming.

Livestock Innovation Silver Award: Intellimix

Kuhn’s Intellimix advanced mixer control system is the recipient of a silver award in the Livestock Innovation category. A feature on the company’s triple vertical auger Euromix I 39.3 DL mixer wagon on show at LAMMA, the system works via a continuously variable transmission that is integrated into the tractor controls through ISOBUS. This allows a reduction in start-up torque by up to 50% and – through automated changes to auger speeds in response to loading – optimises the use of power throughout the mixing and feeding process.

With opening and closing of the hopper door automatically triggering the switch between auto-mix and auto-feed modes, and with auger speed able to be pre-set in relation to varying conditions in the hopper, the operation is fully automated and requires no operator intervention.

Arable Innovation Silver Award: TWINPACT double plunger

A silver award in the Arable Innovation category recognises KUHN’s development of its TWINPACT double plunger system, which allows up to 25% higher square bale density without the need for greater tractor power. The plunger operates with split impact, in which the bottom half of the plunger hits the bale first followed by the top half, using the full force available on each impact. This eliminates the need for an oversized driveline, flywheel or mainframe.

Available on KUHN’s new SB 1290iD on show at LAMMA, the system provides the potential for increased handling, transport and storage efficiencies in all situations, most notably in the growing market for energy crops.