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Clean air innovation aids productivity:

A new dust control system available on straw bedding equipment will be one of the innovations on show from KUHN Farm Machinery at AgriScot.

Available on new equipment, or as a retrofit upgrade for existing machines, the Cleanstraw facility reduces dust in livestock buildings by applying a fine mist of water to straw as it is distributed. It comprises a 64-litre water tank and three misting nozzles mounted at the exit of the straw blowing chute.  The nozzles are fed by a pump which provides water at a flow rate to apply 1 litre of water per 100kg of straw, without slowing the machine’s normal performance. 

Applying a mist of water at this rate and in this way eliminates excessive levels of airborne dust by reducing the amount of time that these particles remain suspended in the air. Trials have shown that the air in a typical livestock building will be dust-free within 30 seconds after straw-blowing with the Cleanstraw system has ceased, compared to several minutes without the Cleanstraw facility.

The Cleanstraw system is available on Kuhn’s Primor straw bedders that operate with the Polydrive hydraulically disengageable belt system that drives the feed rotor, and on the Profile Plus range of mixer wagons that have a bedding capability.

Award winning film binding:

KUHN’s unique and patented film binding system will also be featured at AgriScot, with the technology being displayed on the company’s i-BIO+ combination baler wrapper. The system eliminates the need for an initial layer of netting to be placed around the cylindrical side of the bale, instead using a layer of standard wrapping film to fulfil the same function.

“Unlike other film binding systems which use wide mantle film for binding, the KUHN system uses two standard 750mm stretch film rolls to fully encapsulate the bale,” explains KUHN product specialist, Katie Calcutt.  “As well as improving silage preservation and making the recycling of waste plastic easier, it also reduces plastic usage by up to 30% by pre-stretching the wrapping film by 70% prior to application.  Film loading is also quicker and easier as each roll weighs just 27 kg, compared to the wider rolls which can weigh between 40-90 kg.”

KUHN Farm Machinery’s twin-reel film binding system won a Silver Award in the Livestock Innovation category of the 2019 LAMMA Innovation Awards.