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Herd, heifer and youngstock monitoring goes the full distance with new virtual network from SenseHub

Allflex has added a new element to its SenseHubTM and Heatime PRO+ dairy, beef and youngstock monitoring systems which allows animals on multiple farm units to be managed via one central system. 

The new MultiFarm VPN (Virtual Private Network) is ideal for businesses with multiple farm locations such as separate milking herds, heifer units and calf rearing units.  It uses a secure, GDPR compliant internet connection to share and transfer data between up to 25 sites anywhere in the world, thereby enabling dairy and beef producers to monitor and manage their entire herd, groups or individual animals via one central interface.

“MultiFarm VPN is the perfect bolt-on for businesses with multiple farm locations and for share-farming partnerships working across several sites,” explains Johnny Mackey, UK & I National Sales Manager for Allflex Livestock Intelligence.

“The new feature enables herd managers to easily compare reproductive, health and nutritional data from animals based across multiple locations, and to benchmark the performance of each site.  It can also help to identify trends and track changes at each individual site thereby helping to improve the management of groups of animals.

MultiFarm VPN  also enables farm managers to remotely monitor and manage work schedules, AI timings and staff interventions and can help to significantly minimise travel, tele-communication and administration costs.  “And because animals can be relocated without having to have their SenseHub collars or ear tags reassigned, moving animals from one site to another is hassle-free and easy,” Mr Mackey adds.

MultiFarm VPN  is compatible with the latest SenseHub Dairy, SenseHub Beef, SenseHub Youngstock and Heatime PRO+ monitoring systems.  It is easy to install and set-up thanks to its plug-and-play design and is backed by Allflex’s comprehensive post-installation service and support package. 

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