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Grassland and straw harvesting machinery from KUHN that was due to be showcased at cancelled events across the country includes a combination of new launches alongside first demonstrations of technology launched at indoor conventions over the winter.


 The mounted 3.1 metre vertical folding FC 3115 D is the latest addition to the company’s extensive grassland machinery range, with 126˚ hydraulic vertical folding giving this model the beneficial features of compact transport, great manoeuvrability and reduced loading on the tractor’s rear wheels.

Targeted at both livestock farmers and contractors, this mower conditioner is suitable for use in combination with a front mounted unit and includes several technological advantages common to KUHN’s more advanced models. Features include the exclusive Lift-Control suspension system, non-stop safety breakaway, the maintenance-free OptiDisc cutter bar and the Fast-Fit quick release blade system.

The conditioning unit on the FC 3115 D is a heavy duty pivoting steel finger system that is adaptable for all crop types and situations. Conditioning intensity is easily adjustable by switching between two rotor speeds and/or setting the conditioning hood in one of five positions.


 New to the market in 2020 is KUHN’s VB 7100 high density variable chamber round baler series, which includes VB 7160 and VB 7190 models producing bales up to 1.6 and 1.85 metre diameter respectively.

Featuring the company’s patented i-DENSE twin tension arm system, VB 7100 balers are capable of bale densities of up to 140kg/m3. Bale pressure is adjusted automatically in response to moisture sensor data, so requires no operator control and therefore allows efficient baler performance.

The combination of the i-DENSE system with the established technology of the VB range ensures fast and consistent bale formation in the widest range of conditions, for silage or straw. 

VB 7100 series balers have the capability to eject a bale and close the tailgate in just four seconds, maximising operational efficiency.


New to the market for 2020 is KUHN’s SB large square baler range offering increased capacity and higher density baling.

Including the SB 890 (80 x 90cm bale size), the SB 1270X (120 x 70cm), the SB 1290 (120 x 90cm), and the extreme density SB 1290iD (120 x 90cm), the SB balers have been developed with an improved crop intake system compared with earlier models. A new crop guard design, combined with increased torque on the rotor and feeder fork driveline, gives these models up to 15% higher intake capacity and greater endurance.

The torque regulation system monitors pressure on the driveline, including the crank angle position sensor and plunger rod load pins. Picking up different pressures in the plunger cycle, the operator is guided to feed extra material into one side of the machine to achieve higher bale weights that lead to increased handling and transport efficiencies.


KUHN’s Merge Maxx 950 belt merger was a star performer at the major 2019 demonstrations events and was to return in 2020 by popular demand.

Aimed at large-scale grassland farms and contractors, this revolutionary machine uses two adjustable, variable width and bi-directional merger belts to give a maximum grass pick-up width of 9.50 metres in a single pass.

The bi-directional design of the twin belts provides multiple windrow delivery options: forage can be delivered into a single central windrow, a single lateral windrow (left or right side), two lateral windrows (one either side) or a central and left or right lateral windrow. With this degree of versatility, the Merge Maxx can collect up to 18 metres into a single windrow from two passes, or – in light crop situations such as a multi-cut silage system – collect up to 27 metres of grass into one windrow from three passes.


Live demonstrations of KUHN’s patented film binding system were due to continue across the country over the summer months, providing many opportunities for farmers to see the award-winning technology in action.

 Winner of a silver award in the Livestock Innovation category at LAMMA, this system uses wrap instead of net binding, thereby improving bale conservation quality whilst simultaneously reducing the burden of recycling.

Unlike other film binding systems which use wide mantle rolls to perform the bale binding function, the KUHN system uses two standard 750mm stretch film rolls to fully encapsulate the bale.  As well as improving silage preservation and making the recycling of waste plastic easier, this system also reduces plastic usage by up to 30% by pre-stretching the wrapping film by 70% prior to application. Film loading is also quicker and easier as each roll weighs just 27kg, compared to the wider rolls which can weigh between 40-90kg.