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Fullwood Packo Dairy Group announces acquisition of Dutch subsidiary

The Fullwood Packo Dairy Group has successfully acquired Mewitec BV: a Dutch organisation made up of seven dealers who import, retail, install and provide technical service support for Fullwood Packo smart milking and cooling solutions in The Netherlands.

The deal, which makes Mewitec a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fullwood Packo, gives the Group a direct trading relationship with farmers throughout The Netherlands.

Commenting on the deal which took effect on 18th March 2019, Andrew Dodwell, Managing Director of the Fullwood Packo Dairy Group said: “The acquisition of the entire share-holding of the Mewitec business is the perfect strategic opportunity for Fullwood Packo as it gives us the ability to work more closely with our dealers in The Netherlands.  It also provides scope to significantly expand our presence within the Dutch market and to grow our market share on mainland Europe.

“The purchase gives us access to a wealth of experience in the form of five new colleagues, all of whom are well known and respected within The Netherlands and who we feel confident will help Fullwood Packo to grow substantially over the next five years.”

In the short term, the Mewitec business will continue to operate as normal before becoming fully integrated in the Fullwood Packo Group under the name of Fullwood Packo BV. The newly acquired business will be overseen by Marco Schreuder in his capacity as Country Manager for The Netherlands and he will report directly to Andrew Dodwell (Managing Director).

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