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Rumenco celebrates Rumevite’s new look by offering farmers a chance to win weighing equipment worth more than £4,000 in an online spot the difference photo challenge. 

As livestock farmers buy their trusted Rumevite formulations this autumn, they’ll notice both the bag and supplement have a new look.

Available in a circular block form, Rumenco has recently updated the product line to include a new shape block, which maintains the same 22.5kg volume as the original block. 

The Rumevite bag has also had a refresh, featuring silhouettes of colour coded livestock based on the product purpose for its eight different formulations.

“Supplying a balanced combination of nutrient-rich ingredients, Rumevite stimulates the rumen to work harder by fuelling and increasing the rumen bug population. This results in up to a 10 percent improvement in forage intake and digestion,” explains Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco. “To further support feed conversion, robust rumen health and production, the new blocks will also contain Phytotec, an all-natural blend of plant extracts and fermentation products.”

Enter to win £4,000 worth of Tru-Test equipment

In celebration of Rumevite’s new look, Rumenco is offering UK livestock farmers a chance to win a Tru-Test weighing package valued at more than £4,000. Sponsored by livestock equipment supply company Wise Agriculture Ltd, the package includes an XR5000 indicator, XRS2 EID stick reader and HD5T load bars.

 “Rumevite is a multipurpose supplement with high energy and protein options to meet livestock nutrient requirements and daily requirements of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to boost livestock performance while supporting immunity, health and fertility. This paired with improved forage intakes and utilisation has proven to increase daily liveweight gains in cattle and sheep and boost ewe fertility,” explains Dr Bond. “This top-of-the-range weighing equipment will help farmers better track animal performance for their management decisions.

To enter the competition, Rumenco is running a spot the difference photo competition. Participants have 120 seconds to identify the differences on five sets of photos to gain an entry. To play, go to