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Brassica Day to Offer Advice on Best Practice

Brassica trial plot tours and results from several ongoing farm studies will feature as part of a livestock out-wintering day organised by forage experts Germinal in Lanarkshire on Wednesday 30th January 2019.


Including a farm walk around Michael Shannon’s Thankerton Camp Farm (Damn Delicious), near Biggar, the event will offer advice on how to make best use of a range of brassica fodder crops.


“We’ll give an overview of the various out-wintering options that brassicas offer, including expected dry matter yields, key points around establishment and how best to utilise the crops,” says Germinal GB Area Sales Manager, William Fleming.


“This will include detail on forage budgeting, to enable farmers to calculate what is available to feed, what stocking rates should be and how much bought-in feed is being saved.


“We’ll also reveal results from a number of farm studies we are currently involved in, where we’ve measured the relative nutritional value of stem and leaf material in different crop types and varieties. This is providing new information that is allowing better control of utilisation.”


Thankerton Camp Farm has been making extensive use of brassica forage crops for many years and currently has crops of hybrid brassica, kale and swedes as grazing for growing and finishing beef cattle. Michael Shannon will be on hand to offer the benefits of his own experience and expertise alongside that provided by Germinal.


Refreshments will be provided at the event. The meeting will start at 11am at the Tinto Hotel, Symington, ML12 6FT. Please register your interest by contacting Christine Thomas on 01522 868714 or emailing at