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Allflex Announces New Distribution Partnership With Fabdec

Allflex Livestock Intelligence is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Fabdec which has been appointed as a main dealer and distributor of Allflex’s automated milking parlour components and SenseHubTM livestock monitoring systems.

SenseHub, the recently upgraded version of Allflex’s proven Heatime livestock monitoring system, measures dairy cow activity and rumination to deliver accurate, reliable and actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups of animals.  The system offers a choice of intelligent neck collars or lightweight electronic ear tags – both of which collect data based on a range of key animal behaviours – and uses advanced algorithms to accurately identify heats and silent heats as well as providing an early indication of poor health or welfare conditions such as irregular heats, anestrus cows, suspected abortion, heat stress and reduced feed intake.

“The primary benefit associated with using an intelligent livestock monitoring system such as SenseHub is that it enables herd managers to make data-driven management decisions to maximise their herd’s productivity, to promote greater animal welfare, and to improve farm profitability,” explains Johnny Mackey, Commercial Manager for Allflex Livestock Intelligence.  “We look forward to working alongside the team at Fabdec and helping their customers to implement the latest cow management technologies to maximise their herds’ potential.

From its base in Shropshire, Fabdec will also provide sales, installation and aftersales support through a UK-wide network of sub-dealers for Allflex’s range of milking automation components which includes everything from smart pulsators and electronic flow meters to full milking parlours.

“Fabdec offers a comprehensive range of technologies for professional milk production: from complete parlours and efficient milk cooling systems, through to the latest cow management systems,” explains Chris Powell, Managing Director of Fabdec.  “SenseHub and the Allflex range of milking automation components fit perfectly within this sphere of activity and complement our current cow and dairy herd management solutions.”

For more information visit or or contact Fabdec on +44 (0) 1691 627 200.